I was invited to perform all during this weird and wonderful show at Leipzig's Ilse's Erika. Christian and Julius were leading through their program while I was to the right of the stage, producing a live installation of wool, thread and my hoodie. At two points in the program I did scripted work: first "love as a sickness - redeemed" a music piece using the noises of the cold and secondly a, now increasingly rare, installment of "Schneider performs Neumann", performing a script written by my friend of that name.

The "Vorurteile" video on Thefuckhornisschenorchestra's myspace page will give you a little insight into the mood of the evening.
live installation, "love as a sickness - redeemed" & Schneider performs Neumann "Singer/Songwriter √úberheblichkeit
Perlen vor die Sachsen, Ilse's Erika, Leipzig, 2009